Alice Beasley

Hull-based professional Alice Beasley has worked in the the creative industries as a freelance illustrator, designer, and muralist, since 2000. One of Alice’s main driving forces is her belief that art, and the skills needed to produce it, should be shared with as many people as possible, it is for this reason that she has worked regularly with ‘Creative Partnerships‘ to bring murals into schools; passing on her love of art to new generations. As well as being a qualified Illustrator, Alice is also proficient in sewing, textiles, print, photography and design.

Art and illustration

“Illustration is another way I can explain something. Add depth to text, or to make it clearer or more attractive to the reader. A book cover that makes you stop, look and pick it up and read the back. A comic book with those familiar characters in it. The places of interest on a map. Our horoscopes. The visual prompts in an instruction manual. On our greetings cards, caricatures in the paper, comic strips, in leaflets and text books, even sign-posts at the side of the road, the pictures in our children’s books…… think about it, illustrations are everywhere, yet we may not notice quite how often… for an example, if we had no diagrams in a flat pack chest of drawers, would we stand a chance at putting it up at all!?” “I draw for people, and for myself. I always have done, and I’ve made it my job. More recently I have started to exhibit my drawings and paintings in their own right, and people have started to buy them too, which to me, is the icing on the cake. Drawing, doodling, sketching – it’s a passion of mine that won’t stop and I want others to experience even a little bit of the way I feel.”

Murals, schools, and workshops

“I often go into schools and get the children drawing en mass, to enliven tired subject areas like maths, humanities or history. Quite often I am lucky enough to collaborate with other artists that work in a different media, media, drama, the English language and really create exciting projects that get a school motivated to do it themselves… I’ve worked with all age groups – reception years through to senior schools in special measures… community groups and youth centres.”

*If you wish to speak to Alice about any aspect of her work including workshops and commissions, please use the form on her ‘Contact / Feedback page‘. Thank you.